Divorce, What Happens Next? Divorce, What Happens Next ??

Harlan Jacobsen, copyright 2003

We have an article on the end of your marriage as the end of "act one" of your life play. That you need to get ready for act two and admit the curtain has come down on act one.

Since hardly anyone goes to plays any more, I thought maybe you could relate to this better and should look at it this way like you were an actor or actress and you just finished your first movie.

You only had a bit part but it is over and you are now foolishly spending all your time and effort, trying to get them to do a sequel and include you in their next movie playing the same character in your previous part.

Knowledgeable actors or actresses would realize this one is over and right away be moving on to the next movie.

Now, look at this way...we are going to give you the wherewithal here to study up and be fully able to be in charge, if you choose, any or all of these roles in your next picture.

That is only if you want to take and fully accept the responsibility.
If you choose to, then you can even be in charge of the script, you plan and decide what you want to happen in your next movie.  To make it far better then the last one, you can even be the casting director, and get to choose who plays what part, in this next movie.

Accepting the role of director, in addition, you decide and motivate people in the new movie to live the part you want them for.

Since you are the person basically in charge of this "next movie" why not just make yourself the "star" this time, no more bit parts in someone else's movie.

You can count on it,, this is going to be scary, having all this responsibility for your new movie. Sure, it was much easier to just let someone else run the show and you just have a "bit part"in someone else's movie.

The main point here is,  you need to decide, do you decide to take charge of this new movie of life, or do you keep looking to play a bit part in someone elses movie?  You do need to decide soon, which it is.

You can of course just continue to bumble along not make any decisions or any take charge of what happens to you, and like a ship with no port of destination, take your chances of eventually running aground or broken up in a storm etc.

If you decide to just search for a bit part in someone else's movie, then you really do not need to study up and rehearse, (practice)  for whats ahead.  You can probably just go and eventually find someone who will basically have you repeat your bit part and do what you did in your last movie, sort of "familiar" reruns.

If however,  you decide to take complete responsibility for your next movie,  and be totally in charge of making it a "blockbuster",  then you need to start learning how to do it, practice doing it, get help and advise from others that have done a good one and find people that can help get you back on track when you run into problems that seem beyond your capabilities.

You can, when ready, start talking to prospects for playing major and minor roles in your next movie.  You can sit down write and revise and rethink what you want to happen in your next movie script.  Plan for and commit it to paper now, write it to be great fun and a very exciting movie that anyone would be proud to be in.

Your potential co stars will want to know whats in the script before they sign on.

If you have no idea what is going to happen in your next movie, why would they want to sign on to be in your movie?  Think about that.

Have a great script planned and lots of people will want to be in your movie and you will need to pick and choose.

If they are enthusiastic about their role in your new movie, will have a much easier time as a director to get them to act the way you see their part to be played.

If in contrast, you have "unrealistic demands" as the director, beyond their capabilities, they will just "walk out" right in the middle of your "shooting".

Remember, you will need lots of people, not just stars,  in your movie,this is not going to be about a hermit on a deserted island.  You will need to cast and select and work with many people to play many parts in what is only your "second" movie.  They will all interact, but you are the director of what happens here.

Do not expect to be very good at this initially, study up on it,  get advise from those who have done bang up jobs on movies similar to what you are doing, get feedback from experts on what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

Get lots of practice, practice, and when ready, roll cameras.

Good luck on your next movie.



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Divorce, What Happens Next ??
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