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For thirty two years,  singles publications and singles organizations have been reprinting our articles put together exclusively for singles.
You will find hundreds of articles helpful to singles appearing and can be picked up for your reprinting from our sites, Divorce Recovery 101, Dating Again 101, Single Life CoachCountry Singles, and Az Single Scene.  New articles are added every month.

Here, we are making it easy, for everyone desiring to do so, to reprint without the necessity of requesting permission or any other formalities.
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We have a back log of over 1000 singles- oriented articles and continue to publish new ones as well as update the old articles, which of course, are as useful or of the same helpfulness to singles as new articles.

A recent development is that we are converting many text articles at some expense to what we call "scan read" for use on the internet. So soon many articles will be available in both formats, conventional print text and online scan read.

We are offering users of conventional text a new service in development, weekly articles supplied to you free via email and you are welcome to use in print or online. Scan read may be a later option free of charge if this is subscribed to by mainly net users.

Next, we have found software, where you can enter a simple paragraph of text on one of your pages and we then supply magically to your site with no effort on your part one fresh article weekly that will appear in that place and be updated with an new one weekly.

We all know there is little reason for most to come back to a singles site every week unless there is an assurance there will be something new to access. This will give your site that something new every week at no expense or effort on your part. 

We are currently in the process of transcribing and posting on the web an additional 300 articles on successful single life. This includes many dating again articles and 2 series on recovering from divorce. We will attempt to index these for easy search. 

Using individual articles from a series does not require written permission. Using an entire series will require permission primarily for our records. 

Articles can be picked up from our sites and archives, printed copies, or delivered to you free via weekly email, or by free furnished automation - directly to your web page address weekly. 


Many singles publishers use Janet's monthly singles news notes and articles. There is no charge to use any of Janet's or Harlan's individual articles if you include the statements below in their entirity at the start or end of the articles. It can be in a box of much smaller or italic type if you like. 

Article by Janet Jacobsen. Janet is one of the most recognized writers about single life on the Internet and in singles newspapers. For more articles on single life subscribe to her Single Scene E-Newsletter by sending a blank e-mail to: or by going to or 

Article by Harlan Jacobsen. Harlan has been writing numerous articles and series on successful single life for 32 years that appear on the Internet and singles newspapers. For more articles on single life by Harlan, subscribe to some of his many free singles newsletters here and visit his Dating Again 101 and Divorce Recovery 101

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