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Yes, we all need help from time to time.

Since divorce is one of the most traumatic, stressful, agonizing and difficult things that will ever happen to you and that you will ever have to handle in your entire life time, now is the time to get a little help and not try to tough it out alone.

We made this page to make it easier to find the help you need, and when you need it.

    First and Fastest Suggestion

You can do this one right now.....
Join in our on-line support chat group at Singles Talk Shop, click here and discuss what you are going thru with others in the process and others now past their divorce and have been there and done that.

The web hosts other on-line support groups (use search engines). Chances are, you will be able to connect with people who can tell you how they've been dealing with what is bothering you.

You can post how things are going with you or you can ask questions and make comments, and at certain times see an almost immediate response or just visit the chat site later to see if and how others have shared their divorce and change to the single life, experience with you.

You can even help others who's postings you read there, by posting and sharing what you have learned and experienced in your divorce process and adjustment to single life so far.
    Second Suggestion, Ask Harlan

We have a Question and Answer page and you can read questions and answers from others in the process, some of which may be similar to what you have, click here.

Best of all, though this was designed to be answered by several support group members, in order to speed response time, Harlan can usually answer your questions within 12 hours and asks for others comments when necessary.

Harlan has a slant derived primarily from what seemed to work for thousands of singles that attended his classes. Many have worked out good solutions to handle what you are now going thru and Harlan tells you about these at this and four other web sites. Become informed by reading up on what you need to know.

You can ask for a private response, to your question or allow the question and answer to be seen and used and read by others on the question and answer board..
    Third Suggestion...to get help.

The other two are mentioned first, not because they are better, but because they are faster and you can do those right now.

There are many divorce support groups, classes and seminars around the country and these are a great help and we recommend you attend one on a regular basis.

Many of these are held in churches and do not get hung up on the fact this church is not your brand.

Join a group near where you live and ask attendees what else they attend and you may find more.

You can usually find and make contact with groups and organizations located near where you live, and attend their meetings but remember, if you can not find one you can start one and we can help.

These groups are where you can talk to people who are in similar situations and you can get the benefit of their collective experience.

Just being with and talking with people who are in and understand what you are going thru is beneficial.

To find such an organization we have a page that tells you how to find one in your area.
go here

    Fourth Suggestion......

Individual Counseling.... There are a lot of good therapists that can be of great help in working thru your divorce. Usual charges are $50 to $100 per session. Sometimes, your church may have some references to counselors in your area. Otherwise, to pick one you would be advised to talk to people in the process or thru the process for recommendations.

Make it a point to educate yourself on the process. Our site has many helpful articles and we recommend you read the Starting Over series, one article per day, click here

When finished start over because now you will be in an entirely different place and you will get much more out of it the second time around.

Tell Your Divorced Or Widowed Friends About This Article And Site, Send Them This Page Or If They Do Not Have A PC, Print Out The Article For Them
If You Need Help
Send this article to a friend
Read over 300 "Life Changing" recovery articles, click here

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