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Harlan JacobsenWho Is Singles Publisher
Harlan L. Jacobsen?

Harlan has published Singles Newspapers in Arizona and a 9 state Midwest issue, for 32 years and has changed thousands of singles lives for the better.  He ran 3 classes for singles in Arizona every week for over 10 years, attended by over 10,000 singles.

Harlan's  AZ Divorce Class

Harlan has been divorced twice and single for  thirty years.  After great difficulty handling divorce, he attended meetings and seminars, with ten years of research and study on the subject of learning what works in life as a single person. He does not have a degree in anything. There is no degree in the study of "living successfully" as a single person.

  He ran 3 classes for singles in Arizona every week for over 10 years, attended by over 10,000 singles. In addition he has spoken at many single seminars and conventions over the last 30 years. In conjunction with daughter Janet and his son Jeff, have conducted over 2500 meet and mix dances and 3500 events for singles. Read what he has to say in his online newspaper for Country Singles.
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Single life coach .com singlelifecoach.com"50% Of Your Married Friends Will Become Suddenly Single" -"DIVORCE"
Of those remaining together, 50% will become suddenly single by being widowed.  These folks are going to look to and need a friend like you that has learned to live a happy successful life as a single person. One who can help coach them on to an exciting new life like yours has turned out to be.

Will You Be Ready?

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