A Warm Fuzzy Story

Harlan Jacobsen Copyright © 2003

Everyone used to give out warm fuzzies freely, they never ran out

We tell a warm fuzzy story in our classes, an adult fairy tale written by psychologist Claude M. Steiner, Ph.D.

    This fuzzy story carries a lot of impact with many going thru the stages of divorce, and developing new relationships and new life styles.

Basically, what the story says,....
.... is that in this imaginary story-land everyone had a bag of warm fuzzies which......
..... they reached into and gave out freely to everyone they met.

    Getting these warm fuzzies made people feel good....if they did not get any..........
    .......... warm fuzzies at all....... they shriveled up and died.

A wicked witch noticed that everyone getting lots of warm fuzzies became happy and no longer needed to buy her potions and salves.

    So, she started a rumor that their bags of fuzzies would run out .......
    ,,,,if they gave out fuzzies to everyone.

As a result of this rumor, some became jealous if someone they liked gave fuzzies to others, because they feared there wouldn't be enough for them, unlike the unlimited supply they had always thought available in the past.

  • Soon they were giving out so few fuzzies that some people started to shrivel up and die.

The witch didn't want to lose any prospects, so she developed a cold prickly, which didn't feel good but kept you from dying.

    Some coated these to look like warm fuzzies, and made plastic fuzzies.

    We won't tell you how this whole story comes out, letting you hear it in one of the classes one day. -

      It does bring home several things for us that we need to think about and become aware of. In the classes, we do an exercise right after this story where we write on slips of paper some nice thing we noticed or feel about three different people in the room.

    We then get up and pass these “fuzzies” out when all are done writing.

      Once you learn this magic formula, your fuzzy bag will never be empty.

    You can be assured that giving fuzzies will make you feel great, just as receiving a great many fuzzies makes you thrive.

      You will never again need to worry about shriveling up and dying from a fuzzy shortage.

    Read Part Two: Distributing Warm and Friendly Fuzzies everywhere you go

    To read Claude Steiners full "Warm Fuzzy Tale" as we read it in Support groups, go here

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    A Warm Fuzzy Story
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