Distributing Warm and Friendly Fuzzies everywhere you go
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Harlan Jacobsen Copyright 2003

How Giving out Fuzzies will Change Your Life

Do you want to learn to and become a full time warm and friendly fuzzy distributor welcomed everywhere?

Get yourself swiftly past being a "needy" divorced walking disaster?

Then I'll show you how to keep the fuzzies flowing to what will most certainly become an expanding number of people.....in your new warm and friendly "fuzzy" world..

Get past the "all alone shriveling up" from your loss of a ready source of "fuzzys" in your "divorced life".

And ........discover how to have this never ending source of fuzzies for you and all the new friends attracted to and magically appearing in your life .....

To: All those newly divorced and shriveling up from acute fuzzy starvation

From:Harlan L. Jacobsen

Date: 05/18/03

      Do you want instead to have a thriving fuzzy warm and friendly new life welcomed everywhere you go or are you content just going to continue this being an emotionally "needy" sponge " as your on-going way of life.

      How many new friends and acquaintances can you find to give and/or exchange fuzzies with? Do you want to become the leading full time distributor of "warm and friendly" fuzzies in your own territory? Can your recruit, train and motivate others to become major fuzzy distributors?

      Pick the number, the territory and what time and effort you can devote to becoming the major source of fuzzies for people in your life"? If you can learn to do this effortlessly you will personally gain a great new thriving "fuzzies" world coming your way and flowing thru your fuzzy bag in a never ending stream.

Your life will never shrivel again and you will have a never ending supply of fuzzies flowing thru your fuzzy bag for the rest of your life.


For Your Lifetime


      Why would you want to become a full time fuzzy distributor?

      Good question.....

I could tell you all sorts of wonderful true fuzzy distributor success stories, I suppose, but...

      Would you really believe it?

      Probably not.........

This is all about you experiencing the warm and friendly fuzzy feeling yourself.

Not just talking about it.

      What is needed to start .......?

Knowledge that this will work for you only if you understand how you can distribute unlimited warm and friendly fuzzies freely without any concern about your fuzzy bag running out..

      That's why I'm going to teach you the formula that will keep your fuzzy bag.full. and continuing self refilling.

      You should understand that fuzzy bag works only when you do.When you are actively engaged in distributing fuzzies, you need to know your fuzzie bag will automatically generate a full first class fuzzy if that is what you want to give out..

      If you're intention is to give out a partial or "puny" fuzzy, that is what it will generate for you.


      You need to learn that you have complete control of what quality of fuzzies you give out.

"As someone who has been involved in the recovery process in person, you know what a fuzzy drought is like, and you know that even a cold prickly from your ex is better then nothing
because you needed something just to survive
your fuzzy drought.

    To become a leading
    warm and friendly fuzzy distributor you need to develop a reputation of giving out a large per centage of top quality fuzzys.

    To do that you need to learn and practice

    what a fully developed first class fuzzy is.

    A first class fuzzy is given without any demand or expectation of a fuzzy exchange, nor is it based on the quality of a fuzzy or cold prickly given to you.

    You will learn you do not need to ration out or use puny fuzzies to stretch them out and make them last.

Practice giving first class fuzzies to everyone you meet.

      Practice and do this deliberately and consciously to the best of your ability for 21 days.

      After 21 days it will be part of you and you will just distribute fuzzies almost effortlessly as a natural time and part of your life. In other words it will have become a great "habit".

      Who should you give fuzzies to ....?

      Almost everyone ....that is not a celebrity etc. is starved to some degree and hardly anyone gets more fuzzies then they can use. Most are literally living day to day with no fuzzy reserve. You can supply enough fuzzies to people you see once a week to last them thru the week if you give them enough high quality fuzzies.

How to double the size or even "super size" the fuzzies you distribute.

      You're going to learn here a system you can customize for yourself that will turn your "fuzzies" into a double size or better..........

A size that will double their value and impact.

Give out customized fuzzies with their name on it

Reach in your fuzzy bag for a big one and use their name when you give it out...

Hone up your name remembering skills and double the size of the fuzzies you give out...


Touch them when you deliver the fuzzy and it automatically doubles in size right in front of you.

Touch them on the shoulder, shake their hand etc.and watch the fuzzy swell.

       Do both the customized with using their name and touch them during delivery and you

KING SIZE this fuzzy.

Now if you can give them a customized fuzzy
using their name and give them a big hug you will:



Use Generic fuzzies when nothing else available that will fit the situation.........

Generic fuzzies are, a greeting, an approval that says you are worth acknowledging and validating them as a worthwhile person to talk to.

  • Hi there, hows it going...? Good to see you...here...This the first time you have attended one of these?

Personalize your fuzzy
when you can.

  • Wanted you to know, I liked what you said during the discussion about.....

  • Hi, I like your new hair style, you must......

  • If you run for........wanted you to know I would certainly vote for you...

  • Looks like you got here just in time, the weather seems to be...

  • Looks like you are having a good time, how long...

  • Would you like to meet,..... I can introduce you, I am sure she....

  • That is a pretty nifty American flag pin you have there...do they make a tie pin like that?

When you are able to remember names your previous contacts when you meet again get double the fuzzy punch or even four times the punch if you can work in a hug.

  • Hello there Ralph, not seen you for a month...we missed you.......how about a hug...

This is not a book.....You can figure out how to give great verbal fuzzies where ever you go. You can learn how to also distribute fuzzies on the phone, how to give out regular fuzzies via email...and IM, even how to send some regularly via snail mail.

  • Once you get the idea here, you will develop with practice an easy way to come up with the right fuzzies that will make a big difference and you will be appreciated and welcomed by a lot of people

You will be popular and invited to parties etc.

  • There are very few naturally "giving" people in the divorce or newly singled stage

They are mostly, negative, rescue me, show me I am ok....and wanted etc. do it for me.

  • A practiced active "fuzzy" distributor will be a stand out success in developing fuzzies for others and will become a happy successful single person with an overflow of fuzzies coming there way.

Learning to give out fuzzies makes you feel very up, in control and your life work.

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How Giving out Fuzzies will Change Your Life

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