WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE? For you Single Life Not Working?

For Your Single Life Not Working

Harlan Jacobsen Copyright 2003

Most singles who aren't succeeding with their single life nearly always can come up with  an "Excuse" for why they're not succeeding.  Their personalized Excuse for why single life is just not working for them.

For some it's their age, for some it's their weight, for some it's their income, and for some, it's a reason outside of themselves, maybe it's where they happen to live, or where they work.

What Excuse have you come up with for why you don't succeed with a happy enthused life as a single person like you had hoped to?

      Stop right now and write down your own personal Excuse for your life "basically failing" as a single person.

       Then, see if you can figure out where that "why my life as single person is not working" Excuse came from.

       Did something happen along the way in your life that led you to believe that your Excuse was REALITY?

       Did you have a particularly traumatic event happen in your past life that has never been resolved and filed, that led you to your "single life does not work for me" excuse?
Here's the most interesting part of this particular phenomenon.. your Excuse is likely not an original excuse, IT'S LIKELY VERY COMMON EXCUSE!

And guess what?
I guarantee you that there are MANY, MANY singles in this world that have overcome your very same situation (excuse) and gone on to succeed enthusiastically with single life.

I think that "Your Single Life does not work for me Excuse" is your way as of making it easier to avoid facing reality.


     Now the PROBLEM with Your Excuse isn't the excuse itself, it's the fact that most singles don't know how to OVERCOME what they are using as their "Excuse".

     Your Excuses can program themselves into your mind so deeply that you don't even realize the effects that they're having.

      If you believe for example, that the opposite sex won't feel attracted to you because you're, say, overweight, then you won't even go out to meet and mix with other singles.  Wont even TRY to meet and develop single friends. You'll just assume that it's no use.

     This leads to even worse problems, like fear of going out, fear of talking to people, fear of doing new things etc.

      When you decide that there is some big reason (Your Excuse) that is preventing you from even the POSSIBILITY of success in life as a single person, it begins to affect EVERYTHING in your life.

      So what's the solution to this MAJOR cause of failure in your life as a single person?

      I'd say that being able to get to where you throw this excuse in the dumpster, is at LEAST a two step process:

1) First you need to identify your own "why my life as a single is not working Excuse", and you need to look around to find examples of other singles who have overcome the very same "obstacle" (excuse), and who have gone on to succeed with a happy enthusiastic life as a single.

These single people will provide you with some real-life evidence that what you're dealing with is not final and irreversible.

2) You need to get an education about life as single, and what makes single life work.

     Thousands of singles "give up" on ever making single life work and just totally withdraw from the active single life world, literally hide in a cave and the rest of their life just lick their emotional wounds.

     What a needless waste of a life time, One of the reasons that I've put so much time, and effort into researching and testing "what works" and certainly hope
to greatly help you in making your new single life work. 

     To get you from what now may be the most miserable time of your life, to the "best time of your life".

     Go thru our online single life education articles we have posted to date get out and practice using it. Practice what you have learned, observe how other singles who used to use your "Excuse".  

Then if you still have not found answers to get past what is hanging your life up, remember we have only about one third of our 30 years of research material posted so far.

E-mail me any time and we will pull what is needed out of our files and post it for you and others, or write you personal answers, answers that
we may not have ever written before.



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