Why Free Divorce Help May Not Work  

Why Free "Divorce HelpMay Not Work

Harlan Jacobsen Copyright 2003

Many people have the programming that "you get only what you pay for" that if it is low cost or free it must not be any good.

Applied to working thru a divorce, with that programming, when you do not pay for it, you do not value it very highly, and worse thing of all you do not have a commitment to follow thru with it and what needs to be done.

If you paid $75.00 for a divorce therapy session every Thursday at 4 pm you will in the normal two years of working thru your divorce will have spent $3,800.00 and you will be paying close attention to what the therapist is telling you.

If you get free help, you just do not have that commitment and you do not take the process very seriously nor do you value the information very highly.

Therefore, for example, if you paid $1,000.00 for what you get here you would likely get a lot more good out of it.

You would proceed fully with what needs to be done and be darn sure you got your moneys worth.

So if you will just pretend you did (since we do not want your money), this will improve the results for you here.

We have no financial interest (or other) in keeping you as a client in the divorce section for the usual two years.

We would like to see you worked thru this and moved on out of here in a few months to a new and exciting life.

We have two other sites with further help to graduate to, http://www.datingagain101.com and http://www.singlelifecoach.com so hopefully we can still help with your new life.

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