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Divorce Recovery Advice and HelpGetting From Worse Time To Best Time

Speed Up Divorce Recovery

Getting From Worse Time To Best Time

2000 Harlan L. Jacobsen

  • The Secret of moving way beyond just recovering from divorce.

Commitment by you to make drastic change:

  • No money involved to show and reinforce commitment.

  • YOU will succeed only if you commit to success.

This web site and our newsletters and associated courses and web sites, are part of our program to help you get from what may well be the worse time of your what can become the "best time of your life" and do it in as little as 6 months.

  • The normal divorce "healing up" process and getting back to anywhere near normal is around 2 years...... so you can just muck along and in two years you will probably be back to close to normal.

  • Some take longer then that and some never do get back to anything like a happy new life....

  • What we have been looking at is people that went from a really rock bottom to a great new life in a short time..... and what we have been noting is "how they did it"...

Now if you want to live to be a hundred...a good idea would be to interview lots of people that are 95 and ask
what they did different that they credit that made them survivors when all their class mates have died off.

  • If you interview several thousand you will get, I am sure, many that will have similar answers and of course you will have a zillion different ideas and concepts that are attributed as the secret of living to be one hundred.

  • Out of that you will find certain things that seem to work for a lot of people and though there are no guarantees, odds are you can sort out the gems and pass them along to people that are looking to do the right thing to add years to their life.

Life is made up of years...and when you get middle aged then you start to note they seem to become more precious.

  • Here we noted many people were hung up in being miserable for years because of their divorce, literally destroying the potential of the best years of their life for a big percentage..

  • Literally throwing away what could be "good years" needlessly.

We discovered that if these people had simply taken the steps and followed certain actions used by those who moved on as a direct result and because of their divorce not only recovered but went on to a new expanded "better then before the divorce" life. that they too could move on.

  • We try very hard to bring this information all to you in a easy to understand light format,....what seems to work.

  • Whether you use it or not is up to you. We had thousands who came back and told us what they learned in our classes that seemed to work and made a big difference for them......

  • Those things we will tell you over and over again.

    We will also bring up other newer ideas to speed things up that we have come across recently.
    • What you take with you can be compared to going to a free banquet and needlessly going away hungry.

    • What you partake of, well that is up to you.......

    If you pay someone $5,000 for therapy to help you work thru your divorce you take it seriously and really work at it.

    • The $5,000 is a commitment that gets you to act. Just that commitment does more to move you along then the therapy.

    • When we work at helping you for free, you have no commitment (money) and you may be on again and off working thru the process.

    • We ask that you on your own, make a definite commitment to yourself, that this is something you need to do and as a result of your divorce misery's act to propel you into making and taking action to "make major life changes" now that will change your life.

    When life has given you divorce lemons, learn here how to make a "new life" lemonade.

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    Speed Up Divorce Recovery
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