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11/21/2008 12:52 PM
How Do I Get My Wife Back After Separation
If you feel that your relationship has already reached an end, then you should think twice. Any break up can still be mended as long as you are willing enough to make it work. This is applicable to any relationship, even marriage. Thus, if you are wondering on how do I get my wife back after separation, then this article can help you out.
11/18/2008 11:16 AM
Becoming Whole After the Loss of a Mate For Widows and Divorcees
After you have experienced a death or divorce, eventually you will ask yourself where you go from here. To answer that question, you'll need to take a critical look at your life up to now as an objective observer. Being whole or in balance does not mean that life will not throw challenges your way.
11/17/2008 11:56 AM
Is Living Together a Good Foundation For Marriage?
A man and a woman who were viewed as husband and wife were used to fighting right in front of their children, and this has gone a long way to affect the life of their children who were just growing, so the fighting has called for attention of the public, because they always fight has people who were just forced to marry each other. All these was caused because they had fail to heed to the bible counsel of getting married before a man and a woman of can live together has husband and wife.
11/17/2008 10:57 AM
Step Families - 4 Things to Be Thankful For About Your Step Family
It's easy to get caught up in the negatives of step family life. Learn 4 important aspects to be thankful for.
11/16/2008 10:49 AM
Step-Children and Divorce - Parenting Plans For Blended Families
What happens to your relationship with your step-children after your divorce from their parent? This is a hard question to answer because the lines are so blurry. Mediation can help.
11/14/2008 04:19 PM
Dating After a Divorce Can Be Difficult, and May Require a Little Assistance
But for multitude of reasons that doesn't always happen; as a matter of fact, more than 50% of marriages end in divorce. So don't be too hard on yourself. Your focus should almost immediately be the future. You say yeah but I have all of this baggage now. Emotionally, I doubt myself and feel like a failure deep inside. I have a few (or more) extra pounds on me that that limit my physical confidence.
11/13/2008 09:45 AM
Benefits of Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer
It is important that each parent works with an individual attorney who will protect that person's rights. Sometimes, the children even need to have their own attorney involved to make sure their best interests are taken into consideration.
11/12/2008 09:54 AM
Preparing For Remarriage - The Wedding Date is Too Close to Make Changes Now - Really?
As the wedding date approaches, are you feeling wedding jitters or ignored red flags nagging at you? It's important to figure out which one it is and deal with it accordingly. Learn how...
11/11/2008 10:58 AM
Get My Ex Back - The Olive Branch
Short informational look at a very offbeat way of helping to get back a loved one and helping the environment at the same time. This is probably the most unique "peace offering" available today - anywhere!
11/10/2008 09:30 AM
Help For Separated and Divorced Parents - Mediation, Parent Coordination & Co-Parent Counseling
If you are a separated or divorced parent with a child under the age of 18, you need to communicate with your child's other parent. Even though you are no longer living together, and, in some cases, especially because you are no longer living together, conflicts about your children (minor ones and major ones) may arise with greater frequency. Co-parenting professionals can help you develop the new skills you need.
11/07/2008 03:47 PM
Advice on Child Custody
Child custody is a major affair that is to be dealt carefully during the divorce procedure. There are two types of child custody, sole custody and joint custody.
11/07/2008 03:38 PM
After a Weekend With Your Ex
When your kids arrive home after a weekend with their other parent, it's unkind to submit them to a Q&A session. They are so uncomfortable when they know that you no longer love their daddy or mommy. They still love them. They don't understand why you divorced him.
11/07/2008 02:17 PM
Surviving Divorce - Your Life After
One of the more difficult times in a relationship, particularly in marriage, is a major falling out. I have heard a lot of stories about relationships turning for the worse, seeking the legal remedy of divorce. Most of the stories are painful, even bordering on the violent. Surviving divorce is indeed a challenge.
11/07/2008 12:22 PM
Child Custody Laws
Normally, the judge deciding child custody matters will consider the parents' wishes, the child's wishes, the relationship of the child to his siblings or others with whom he has contact, the child's likely adjustment to home, school, and community, and the mental and physical health of all individuals involved. The judge will also consider any past acts of domestic violence.
11/06/2008 04:12 PM
How to Find a Divorce Recovery Group in Your Area
If you have been through a divorce or if you are in the middle of a divorce and would like support, why not check out a Divorce Recovery group? More and more Divorce Recovery groups are being offered across the country. You may not know where to look for them or wonder what a Divorce Recovery group is? This article will help give you ideas of where and how to look for a Divorce Recovery group in your area.
11/06/2008 02:08 PM
Getting Your Wife Back - How Can I Get My Wife Back?
Heartache and pain accompany any break up. Everyone deserves happiness. No one deserves loneliness What Steps Can I Take to Win My Wife Back?
11/05/2008 02:55 PM
Father's Rights - Protecting Children During Separation and Divorce
Too many children are abused, sexually assaulted, or murdered by custodial mom's new boyfriend or husband. And in many of these tragedies, the biological father is being denied visitation with the children. Visitation which could reveal the abuse. Visitation which the child could reveal what's happening.
11/05/2008 09:09 AM
Be Good to Yourself After a Divorce
Shortly after I left my husband of twenty-one years, I found myself bending over the bathroom sink staring into the mirror trying to use sewing scissors to trim my nose hairs. Now, you might think first and foremost how horrible for a woman to admit she must trim her nose hairs-but if you've been married for twenty-one years, you probably have a few to trim too! Such is marriage: you become so close to one another, you don't even notice that you share deodorant and nail or nose hair clippers.
11/04/2008 05:32 PM
Father's Rights - When Should You Change Custody?
One of the most frequent questions that fathers have is when should they try to get custody of the kids back? Do they have to wait a certain period of time? Do they have to prove mom is "unfit" to get custody? When can they go to court for their children? When is the right time to enforce a father's rights?
11/04/2008 05:32 PM
Why Summer Is Important For Fathers Without Custody
Fathers who do not have custody of their children need to enforce their visitation rights over the summer. Not seeing their kids over the summer can weaken the relationship the kids have for dad. Sometimes court intervention is necessary to force visitation to occur. Dads should be prepared when they have to go to court.
11/04/2008 05:31 PM
How to Be an Involved Parent AFTER the Divorce Or Breakup
When a couple with children divorces or breaks up, too many times, the parent who doesn't have custody of the children becomes a visitor in his or her children's lives. But the parent without custody does have parenting rights and a visitation schedule, and rights to see school and health records. Here is how to remain active in your child's life, even if you aren't in their primary home.
11/04/2008 05:30 PM
Making Sure You (Dad Without Custody) Can Still Attend Teacher Meetings and Sporting Events
When you are a father without custody of your children, one of the most frustrating aspects is missing out on your kid's sporting events, schooling, and special events. Especially when custodial mother gives you the information way too late or not at all. This article discusses a few ways to guarantee you will be informed of the schedules, well in advance.
11/04/2008 05:30 PM
Stop Parental Alienation Syndrome Before it Gets a Chance to Start
Parental-Alienation Syndrome is the tragic situation where a custodial parent literally brainwashes a child into fearing and hating the non-custodial parent, for no good reason. This article stresses the importance of FIGHTING this horrible attempt by the custodial parent to poison the mind of the child.
11/04/2008 02:35 PM
Getting Your Wife Back - How Can I Get My Wife Back?
Heartache and pain accompany any break up. Everyone deserves happiness. No one deserves loneliness What Steps Can I Take to Win My Wife Back?
11/03/2008 03:49 PM
How to Get Along With Your Ex
Getting along with your X can be a battle ground or a piece of heaven. It's really your choice. If you want to know how to get along with your X simply follow a few simple guidelines and not only get along with your X but also live with yourself and be happy!
11/03/2008 11:14 AM
Divorce - How to Live in the Present Moment
Divorced people often find it tough to let go of the past. Instead of re-living the past or predicting the future, here are some tips for living powerfully in the present moment.
10/31/2008 11:54 AM
Does an Ex Ruin Your Life Or Open Opportunities For a New Start?
In the days and months following a bad break up, it seems as if your ex is doing everything they can to ruin your life. And you are extra sensitive to all the little things that can push your buttons. After all, who knows you better than your ex?
10/30/2008 03:46 PM
Dating Advice For Women - I'm Sort of Seeing This Guy - The Undefined Relationship
Have you ever found yourself "sort of" seeing a man? The term usually means that your relationship status is undefined. Sometimes it's about not being sure. Sometimes it about a man's unwillingness to commit. Find out how my dating coaching client decided to handle this frustrating situation to guard her heart and date smart.
10/30/2008 03:30 PM
Six Ways to Get Past Your Resistance to Getting Started on the Dating Journey
You've been divorced for a while now, maybe a year, maybe a lot longer. Friends have asked you what you are doing to meet men, but you calmly reply, "Not much." And that's OK, for a while. Not that everyone must have a new relationship. I understand how it's not for everyone.
10/30/2008 11:07 AM
Passing Up the Poison For Single Parents - Take Back Your Personal Power
Electrical power is one thing. Personal power can be even more important. Today, we cover one of the most difficult areas of struggle for individuals - dealing with what others say about us and to us.
10/30/2008 10:58 AM
Get My Wife Back, And Make Our Marriage Better! Making Up Success
You never know what you have got until you loose it, a very old saying that we tend to take no notice of until its almost to late. When you know that you truly love your wife, you an gain extra good healthy courage to look in the mirror and work what is required to make your marriage great.
10/29/2008 04:44 PM
Divorce and Children - How to Limit Its Effects
When adults make mistakes or bad decisions, it always seems to be the children who suffer the most. This is especially true in situations where couples with children decide that their life together is unbearable and cannot be fixed, leaving divorce as the only solution.
10/29/2008 03:59 PM
Divorce - How to Prevent a Repeat
Many people going through divorce experience confusion about their identity. Who are you now? Confusion about where you are going. Confusion about what to do next.
10/29/2008 03:28 PM
Remarriage Preparation - This Naive Belief Can Make You Miserable in Your Remarriage
Preparation is the key to a happy remarriage. This naive belief is important to overcome so that you are taking a realistic view of your partner...
10/29/2008 03:22 PM
Want My Wife Back - Making Up Success
Being separated from that one person that you chose to be with for the rest of your living life for whatever reason, can leave you in such a blinded emotional state. However we can become wise, and learn to be the men who have what we want! True and moral lovers that your wife will regret ever leaving...
10/29/2008 08:44 AM
Temporary Child Custody - What Does it Mean to You?
One of the main issues during a divorce is child custody. It can often become a bitter and hurtful process and unfortunately the children are often not the main focus during this process.
10/28/2008 04:34 PM
Divorce Recovery - Acceptance of What Was and What Is
The clients who come to me for help in letting go and moving on after their divorces discover that acceptance, a mandatory step in divorce recovery, comes in two stages. First we work to be in acceptance of the end of our marriage and then we move on to accept what our life is now, in the present. This second step in the acceptance process seems to be the more difficult hurdle to overcome but it can be overcome successfully.
10/28/2008 03:29 PM
Get Back Your Ex Ebook - Making Up Magic
I have spent years working on my relationship, on and off, up and down the emotional battle has not been an easy road. The conclusions that if you seek you shall find, action speaks louder than words, and generally now days we have no idea what or how to love...
10/28/2008 03:03 PM
Remarriage Preparation - This is a Must For Your Remarriage to Get Off to a Good Start
Red flags are those warning signs our gut gives us about a situation. Some people call them "intuition" others see them as "God's protection." However you define them, I think most people would agree they are usually worth listening to. Unfortunately, we often don't. This is especially true for people preparing to marry.
10/28/2008 08:46 AM
My Life Fourteen Years After Divorce
In the midst of divorce proceedings you might not feel that you will be able to live post-divorce. I can say that having the love of my life divorce me was a major event in my life and it left me seriously depressed wondering whether I was going to come out of the big black hole that it created.
10/27/2008 01:21 PM
Life Beyond Divorce - Creating the Best Life For Your Children
Divorce is always unwelcome news for the whole family but there is no need to anticipate a bleak future for yourself and your children. The good news is that children are amazingly resilient. They will adapt to a new way of life when they have the right support. Here are some pointers to what can make the difference between just surviving and starting a new and rewarding life together after separation or divorce.
10/27/2008 10:37 AM
Joint Custody of a Teenager - A Reality Check
Several dynamics converge during the teenage years to make joint custody especially challenging. For starters, teens are wired to seek the company of their peers. They still need and want the love and attention of their parents, but it's natural and appropriate for us to become more of a resource to our teens than the source of stimulation, education, and recreation that we once were. We are helping our teens learn to take responsibility for themselves when we step out of the foreground of their daily lives and into the background.
10/27/2008 09:18 AM
Blend Families - Do Not Whip, Chop Or Grate
I saw a look of resignation on my friend's face as she said, "I don't think I'm cut out to be a step mother." There was a combination of sadness, frustration and resignation. She'd been married to her new husband for almost two years. The struggles started before their marriage, as it usually does when two people, with children from previous marriages decide to "blend families." After all this time she saw no end in sight.
10/27/2008 07:57 AM
The Hard Truth About Paying Child Support
Do you pay child support or have questions or need some insight about the process? Here are some facts that every parent should share with their sons about the reality of unplanned children and paying child support. With so many unplanned pregnancies, our sons are becoming fathers before they are ready. If you have a son, share this information with them. It may help them avoid a lifetime mistake.
10/24/2008 12:19 PM
The Hard Truth About Paying Child Support
Do you pay child support or have questions or need some insight about the process? Here are some facts that every parent should share with their sons about the reality of unplanned children and paying child support. With so many unplanned pregnancies, our sons are becoming fathers before they are ready. If you have a son, share this information with them. It may help them avoid a lifetime mistake.
10/24/2008 09:09 AM
Why You Should Use a Child Custody Lawyer
With a now unbalanced household, parents often do not know what the best thing for their child really is. They may receive advice from former couples who have gone through divorce, or from people with no real experience on the subject. Their own parents may be handing out advice as well, with no real knowledge or insight into the issue.
10/23/2008 12:43 PM
Would You Tell Your Children That You Are Dating Again?
When they do accept the idea, (which in time they will), ease them into it gradually. I cannot stress this enough.
10/22/2008 10:58 AM
Grief, Crazy Feelings, and the Single Parent
The grief cycle will make you think you are going crazy as a single parent. One minute you are fine, and the next, you are so mad at your ex, you could spit.
10/22/2008 10:46 AM
Stepmoms And Teenagers Can Get Along If You Play Your Cards Right
Teenaged stepdaughters... a force to reckon with! We were invited to our friends' house for Thanksgiving dinner. When we were getting ready to leave the house, my stepdaughter came out of her room wearing the worst outfit. It was edgy, ugly and provocative, everything I hated.
10/22/2008 10:20 AM
Remarriage Preparation - I'll Say "I Do" Because I Don't Want to Be Alone
Preparing for remarriage can be an exciting time. Pre-wedding jitters aren't uncommon. But, what about all out fears? It's important to take a look at those and try to determine where they are coming from. Is it just worries about what another marriage will be like? Or is it a little more insidious, such as nagging feelings or red flags that have been ignored? If this is the case, maybe it's time to slow things down a little and take a good hard look at your relationship, now before the vows are exchanged.
10/21/2008 02:25 PM
Determining Key Traits in Awarding Child Custody
One thing you learn as parents is that you are no longer the center of the universe. It's not about you anymore. Sometimes it may seem that your only job is to play chauffeur to little league games, shop for ballet shoes and pay for everything.
10/21/2008 12:17 PM
How to Get Child Support Payments Reduced
Divorce accounts for the end of 50% of marriages, and it is because of this that child support payments are a normal expense many people have to pay. However, with the economy not what it is and debts creeping up, its normal that there may be a time where you think about how to get your child support payments reduced. Though there are many laws in place to keep parents paying support for their children, there are ways to have these payments reduced.
10/20/2008 09:40 AM
Step Family Success - THE 2 Keys to Making Your Step Family Successful
Step families are a lot of work. Unfortunately the odds for success are against you with the re-divorce rate being between 60-75%! Learn the 2 keys necessary to make any step family successful.
10/18/2008 05:55 PM
Remarriage Preparation - This is One of the Worst Reasons For Remarrying
No one plans to get divorced on their wedding date. Everyone has great expectations for a "happily ever after." But if you've already experienced a divorce, exchanging vows the second time may seem a little more daunting that it did the first time. With that said, you'd think people would be a little more careful the second time around. Unfortunately the research just doesn't show that.
10/17/2008 10:55 AM
Receiving Child Support - What to Do When You Need More
Raising children can be very expensive. There are normally day care charges during the child's first few years of life, then come braces and so on. The unexpected expenses, such as sudden illnesses and tutoring expenses can make coming up with money for your children even harder.
10/17/2008 08:48 AM
5 Tips For Men Getting Over Divorce
If you've just gotten a divorce, it can be tough getting back into the single life. Here are some tips for men getting over divorce. If you're one of them, these can help you get over the breakup of your marriage and move on with life.
10/16/2008 04:31 PM
Happier Single Parenting - 8 Daily Practices
Being intentional in your life is everything, and can create great joy regardless of your dilemmas and challenges. Whether you are a man or a woman, there are small things you can do every day (that are easy) to increase the joy in your life. Practice them every day. And even better, if you have children- teach them to your kids. It will be great for them to learn these also.
10/16/2008 03:48 PM
Fix Broken Marriages - Proven Old School Methods - Making Up Success
If you married for the reason of being truly in love, and sharing your life with that special someone, you made that decision with confidence. However life does somehow throw hidden obstacles in our way, but if you take a step back when things are clouded, the solution to your problem will appear.
10/16/2008 11:35 AM
Don't Fight in Front of the Children
I think this is what leads to so many young teens and newlyweds not knowing how to treat each other and in turn has a direct impact on any relationship they may have in the future. They are only doing what they have seen their parents do. Don't make your children see what I had to see growing up.
10/16/2008 11:26 AM
Children Need Their Fathers Too
A very positive effect of a father's influence in a child's life is one of a child learning how to be compassionate, loving and able to empathize and help others. It is very unfortunate that many women lack these essential qualities probably from bad upbringing themselves. How selfish can they be to think that they created these children alone?
10/15/2008 09:52 AM
Step Parenting - Here's the Best Approach to Take With Your Step Children
Step parenting is hard! It can be confusing just trying to figure out what it is that you are supposed to be doing. Even though step families are quickly becoming the most common type of family unit, the step parent is a fairly unknown role for people. While it all may seem very confusing, it doesn't have to be.
10/14/2008 12:56 PM
How to Win a Child Custody Case - Win Child Custody and Don't Become an "Every-Other-Weekend" Parent
Winning child custody can be a long and vicious battle. However, there are many ways to increase your chances of being able to win a child custody case and be able to spend much more time with the child that you love very much. Follow these tips to increase your chances...
10/14/2008 12:39 PM
3 Tips to Win Child Custody - Obtain Custody of a Child to Not Be an "Every-Other-Weekend" Parent
How far would you go for your child? No...let me rephrase far would you go to obtain custody of your child? No price tag can be put on being there for your child, seeing them grow up, raising them, and having invaluable experiences with them. Follow the tips below to help increase your chances of obtaining custody of your child.
10/13/2008 12:17 PM
Joint Custody For Parents - Sounds Ideal But Will Custody Sharing Work For You?
Joint Custody for parents sounds like the ideal solution when families are splitting up. This way both parents get to have a hand in raising their children, separately, but nevertheless both will be involved. Will this work for your situation, it may, but it does depend on something!
10/13/2008 09:34 AM
Thinking About Divorce, Saving That Emotional Pain, Make Up Magic
Thinking about divorce is far to common in our society"s of today, more common than not the problems are solvable and overlooked. The decision has so much unsuspecting pain, that often leads to regret...
10/11/2008 12:12 PM
Joint Child Custody - What is It?
Joint child custody and what it means. 2 different ways of going about getting joint child custody.
10/10/2008 03:19 PM
Step Families - The Trouble With Expectations
Step families have their own version of a "happily ever after" myth - generally there's an expectation that the remarriage will heal the family from the trauma of divorce. My son was nine, and my husband's daughter was seven when we married; in my mind we were creating a perfect family of four, just as I had always wanted. It was a lovely expectation, only a totally unrealistic one.
10/10/2008 02:01 PM
Just Divorced? Its Time to Have Some Fun!
What's life without second chances, after all to err is human. So you have just undergone a nasty divorce after a tiresome and incomplete marriage. Now its time to move on with your life, no one can be alone forever.
10/10/2008 12:20 PM
Remarriage Preparation - Are You Ignoring the Red Flags Before Your Remarriage?
As the wedding date draws near, how are you feeling about it? Learn some of the most common reasons for ignoring red flags that may have come up recently. Does this mean the wedding needs to be called off? Not necessarily, but further thought is necessary...
10/10/2008 09:08 AM
Step Parenting - Why It's Good to Get Stuck in the Middle When You're a Step Parent
While being a step parent can be very confusing, there are some advantages. They're one of the most misunderstood family members of all time which can be frustrating. But the good news, is there are few hard and fast "rules" to step parenting so that adds a sense of flexibility.
10/09/2008 05:01 PM
The Truth About Debt Management After Divorce
This article discusses the truth about debt management. From debt relief or management companies and whether they are upstanding to saving your money - you can start managing your bad debt today.
10/09/2008 04:55 PM
Understanding Joint Custody
This article discusses the ins and outs of joint custody, including the two main types - joint legal custody and joint physical custody. It also discusses the different types residing within these two main categories.
10/09/2008 04:36 PM
Understanding Alimony - What You Need to Know About Alimony
This article discusses everything you need to know about alimony. Who usually receives alimony and how long is it typically ordered to be paid? If you're not sure whether you would qualify for alimony or not, this article will help you determine that.
10/09/2008 04:26 PM
What to Do If Your Ex Spouse Won't Pay Child Support
This article discusses what methods you can use if your ex spouse refuses to pay child support - even when they have been ordered to do so. This can be a difficult situation but this article can help you determine what to do.
10/09/2008 04:24 PM
Tips For Living Together For the Sake of the Children
This article discusses living together in order to raise your children - even if you no longer love your spouse or have gotten a divorce. Is it possible? This article will help you determine what to do in order to make it as smooth as possible for everyone.
10/09/2008 02:59 PM
Tips For Co-Parenting Children When You're Divorced
Are you divorced with children? If you want to work together with your ex spouse in order to raise your children together, this article will help you figure out where to start. With important tips for co-parenting children when you're divorced, this is a priceless resource for parents!
10/08/2008 11:46 AM
Joint Child Custody - Is it the Best Option?
In most cases the joint custody, also called shared custody is by far the best option for all the parties involved. Making arrangements for joint child custody is not only a whole lot easier than some long dispute over the custody, but also a lot cheaper option. It is also best for the children that matters of this sort gets settled as quickly as possible and that everybody can get on with their lives.
10/08/2008 11:45 AM
How to Win Child Custody - Get the Verdict That You Want
Child custody cases are never easy to watch and are even less fun if you find yourself being involved in one, especially when things get ugly. Fortunately many times the long and agonizing litigation is not needed and the parents can settle the dispute about who gets the child custody in some sort of a harmony. When it does get ugly you definitely want to be prepared so that the court sees that you are the one that deserves the custody.
10/07/2008 05:21 PM
Allowing Yourself to Move on Emotionally After a Divorce
Divorce is one of the major events of life that will really affect you in so many ways. You will most likely feel like your whole world is imploding around you. You need to deal with a myriad of issues like the money, the children, your personal changes, and how you can adapt your life to divorce. Primarily, you have to realize that there is life after marriage.
10/07/2008 03:17 PM
If You Want to Know Something About Your Ex, Ask Her Yourself
In your single parenting experience, have you been inadvertently placing a burden on your children by turning them into information seekers or messengers between you and your ex? It's unfair to foist that job off on them. Summon up some courage and consider doing it yourself.
10/07/2008 12:27 PM
Extended Parenting Time After Divorce - It's Not Just For Summer
Extended parenting time does not have to be limited to summer. Learn about other opportunities to build extended time for each of you into your parenting plan.
10/06/2008 05:34 PM
Paying For Your Child's College After Your Divorce
If you're divorced and you have no idea how you're going to pay for your child's college, this article is for you. With helpful information and creative ideas on how to save for your child's college fund, you can make sure he or she gets the education they need to advance in life.
10/06/2008 04:09 PM
Dating After Divorce - 3 Ways to Get Back Out There and Begin Dating Again After Your Divorce
Dating after divorce can seem like quite the daunting task. If you were married for awhile you may fear you don't even understand the dating scene anymore. You're a little older now and may not feel as good about the way you look. Then there's the whole aspect of having kids now. Rather than get bogged down in feeling depressed about dating, let's look at some ways to feel good about it.
10/06/2008 03:15 PM
Post Divorce Challenge - Will You Choose to Move Forward?
When you go through a divorce there is a proper time for grieving. The length of time needed is different for everyone. At some point you need to shake it off, get a new attitude and start moving forward in your life. Don't let "divorce" become the central theme of your life. Realize you need to quit hanging onto your marriage, your past.
10/03/2008 05:06 PM
How to Help Your Child After a Divorce
Make sure that you child doesn't feel like the divorce is his or her fault, allow plenty of time with the other parent and your ex-in-laws. Do not use your child as a weapon to "get back at" your ex-spouse or his/her family. Allow your child to ask questions, and answer questions as honestly as possible without placing blame on the other parent.
10/03/2008 03:14 PM
Divorced Parenting - Helping Your Children Cope
Each year 1,000,000 children are exposed to divorced parenting. This is the statistic but it does not have to be the ruin of the children. It may not be possible to change the statistics but it is possible to mitigate the damages and negative affects on 1,000,000 children.
10/03/2008 02:44 PM
Step Parent Success - How to Handle Discipline As a Step Parent
Want to learn just what is the responsibility of the step parent when it comes to discipline in a step family? Read on to find out.
10/02/2008 09:12 AM
Child Custody Advice - 3 Crucial Facts Your Attorney Won't Tell You
Child custody advice is one of the first things people seek when looking to get divorced. Most of the time, your attorney will be your main source of information. The problem is that family law attorneys are so used to dealing with these issues, they fail to cover some of the most basic and vital child custody advice with you.
10/01/2008 04:21 PM
3 Ideas to Help Get Your Ex Back
Three simple ideas to help you reunite with your true love. It doesn't hurt to try these ideas to help get your ex back.
10/01/2008 01:51 PM
Going Through Child Custody Dispute - Best Solution
Divorce can sometimes be a very painful experience in life. For you to be suddenly separated from someone you loved and cherished and probably lived with for a long time sharing everything in common is really difficult. It is more so if Children are involve, this can increase the pitch of the dispute as each parent wants to have custody of the children. The good news is the divorce rate in the US is falling. According to statistics, the US national per capita divorce rate has declined steadily since its peak in 1981 and is now at its lowest level since 1970.
10/01/2008 10:53 AM
Flirting Tips For Divorced Women
If you haven't dated since your divorce, you can feel a little overwhelmed at the thought of flirting with some man or trying to meet other single adults. The great thing is that most people do feel this way at one point or another, so you're not alone.
10/01/2008 10:52 AM
Child Custody Secrets - How to Win Custody During a Divorce
This article provides readers with child custody secrets. It includes tips about winning custody during a divorce. Some of these tips include proving that you're the best caregiver, showing evidence of your concerns, and more.
09/30/2008 04:08 PM
Best Interests of the Child - How to Prepare (As Best You Can) For a Child Custody Dispute
Custody battles are very adversarial. Courts review a host of factors in deciding which parent should be awarded custody of your child. If you find yourself in the middle of a custody dispute with your spouse, you must give the judge reasons to rule in your favor. This article may help you do just that in your situation.
09/30/2008 03:54 PM
Life After Divorce - Worry About the Start, Not the Finish When it Comes to Your Children
Parenting is hard work! I was reading an article at the other day which focused on parenting. They had an interesting quote in there that I decided to focus on today. It said...
09/30/2008 03:53 PM
Dating After Divorce - Preparing Your Kids For the Changes Your Dating Will Bring After a Divorce
Dating after divorce can cause a wide variety of reactions from your children. The most common is for them to ask many questions. Today, let's look at one of those questions so you can adequately prepare for it...
09/29/2008 12:25 PM
Sole Custody Rights - Can You Get Them?
Get the facts about sole custody rights. Learn what the different types of sole custody are, your chances of getting it, and what the judges really look for when awarding sole custody.
09/26/2008 05:08 PM
Your Kids Deserve a Parenting Plan When You Are Divorced
"Just winging it" should not be an option for divorced parents. A parenting plan should be created by both parents and then distributed to those with a need to know, like grandparents and school, if necessary. And here's how...
09/26/2008 12:41 PM
5 Rules For Divorced Dads
Divorced dads have a lot to prove since they will likely take at least half the blame for the break up of the family. Divorced dads should follow all the tips for regular dads, but should be especially attentive to these.
09/26/2008 10:12 AM
Survival After Divorce - How to Make It?
Survival after divorce often appears as a vague concept especially for those who have been really downtrodden because of such a blow in their lives. Not only women get thoroughly affected by the separation but the men as well. The effect is even greater if there are children involved.
09/25/2008 03:24 PM
Get Back Your Ex Ebook, Making Up Magic
I have spent years working on my relationship, on and of, up and down the emotional battle has not been an easy road. The conclusions that if you seek you shall find, action speaks louder than words, and generally now days we have no idea what or how to love...

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