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2001 Harlan Jacobsen

You Need Lessons To Learn To Fly and....a hell of a lot of practice.  Small easy steps over a few week span get you from Point A to Point B, a great new life of lasting happiness as a single independent person.

It will take as much effort on your part as getting ready and preparing for any trip and experience of a lifetime.  Here are Seven Strategies to use to get underway.

Number One:  Study and Learn your way.  The one best route to take you through the Singles Jungle.

Number Two: Practice and Practice New Skills.  Interact and get feedback from other singles already enroute on the same journey.

Number Three: Unlearn Undecided Old Programming.  Rethink and replace inappropriate, obsolete life controlling decisions of the past.

Number Four: Develop a strong network of fellow traveler singles. Those that have a goal and destination just like yours.

Number Five: Listen To Experts.  Learn what works, what to avoid and detours to skirt. Discuss and get feedback on your steps so far.

Number Six: Learn Joy and Happiness as automatic everyday experiences.  Make every new thing and challenge a joy.  Drop expectations and demands.

Number Seven: Goals for where you are going.  Constantly move on. Grow and expand to where you want to be.  You retain control of you.  Expand and continue to share your life and experience along the road.

Each month we release new parts of these series on changing your life on our web sites and single newspapers. Hundreds of pages of Archived Series are readily available.

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7 Strategies
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